Eye Care in Iran

Eye care in Iran

Advanced ophthalmology clinics in Iran aimed to treat various vision disorders and diseases. Hence, it is obvious that we offer the best ophthalmology services at affordable prices, especially for those who are looking for ophthalmology services at a fair price outside their home country. LASIK surgery can be mentioned among the most common Eye care in Iran provided by very elite Iranian ophthalmologists. LASIK surgery in Iran is very common and popular for many reasons, including the high success rate, excellent doctors, and complete packages offered for Eye care in Iran. These packages include a T visa, hotel, transportation, SIM card, and everything you will need as a traveler for LASIK surgery in Iran.

Progress in Eye care in Iran

With all the problems and deficiencies that Iran was dealing with in the past, it was leveraged for Iranian scientists and doctors to use all their efforts to solve this big problem, and finally, all the efforts and studies achieved the desired result and Iran was able to it took a short time for the treatment of eye diseases. One of the eye diseases is heredity, which has been solved with the methods that have been invented and presented in Iran.

Retinal Treatment in Iran

If we want to explain the retina, the retina is a light-sensitive nerve tissue that converts light into nerve messages and sends them to the brain so that we can see our surroundings. Many eye diseases damage the retina, including diabetes, foreign body damage, and other factors one of Eye care in Iran is the retina which plays a very important and key role in our vision. A few years ago, the treatment of retinal disorders was very difficult and sometimes impossible, but with the efforts of knowledge-based companies and the expansion of medical science, these treatments are easily performed. One of the problems in the treatment of eye diseases was the Medical imaging that was done in the past.

With this method, only a very small area of ​​the eye could be imaged, and several Medical imaging must be combined so that they may be able to diagnose the disease and find a treatment for it, but with the progress made in the treatment of eye diseases, this The Medical imaging is done in a very advanced way.

Eye care in Iran with Treatment of eye infections

Fortunately, most eye infections in Iran can be treated, especially those with appropriate antibiotics. Many viral infections are self-controlled. In serious viral infections, using antiviral drops can be a solution. Some viral infections require careful administration of corticosteroid drops to prevent unwanted inflammation related to the infection. The ophthalmologist may use oral antibacterial or antiviral antibiotics. If your symptoms worsen or change, be sure to see your doctor immediately.

LASIK eye surgery in Iran

“LASIK eye surgery” is a type of laser light surgery on the eye, typically performed to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and generally to remove glasses. Lasik surgery allows you to put aside the glasses and get rid of their limitations. The LASIK method, like other types of Eye care in Iran, changes the shape of the cornea and corrects the cornea, As long as the light enters the eye, it can be properly focused on the retina.

In most cases, LASIK surgery is painless and does not require anesthesia, and is performed within 15 minutes for both eyes. Its results are improved vision without using glasses or contact lenses, and the first results are usually visible within 24 hours.

If you are not eligible for this surgery due to the thinness of the cornea, other types of Eye care in Iran such as “PRK surgery “and IOL surgery are also available. Your doctor will determine which of these methods is most suitable for your condition.

Ophthalmology services in Iran

The largest ophthalmology center in the country, which has super-specialized departments for cornea, retina, glaucoma, strabismus, and eye emergency, is ready to serve. Also, all surgeries in the world are performed with the cooperation of experienced professors. These hospitals are ready to serve patients with one-bed VIP inpatient wards and two-bed inpatient wards with all facilities. And in addition, they have an independent intraocular injection room. In these hospitals, the ICU and CCU departments are accessible to patients, and all patients can refer to these ophthalmology centers.

We’re here to help you drive away from vision problems; Are you ready for the best view ever?

As eyes are the mirror of your heart, treatment for them is very valuable and necessary. For a healthy and appealing eye sight, you need a solution for both cosmetic and medical concerns. Mahdad is a gateway for cosmetic and medical eye care treatment in Iran. We organize medical tourism packages for our patients around the world providing them the best facilities and high-quality services among top hospitals in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. Together, we’ll ensure that you receive unforgettable memories and leave our care with a smile on your face!

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