Cancer Treatments in Iran

Cancer treatment in Iran

All patients who are diagnosed with cancer, both in the diagnosis stage and in the treatment stage, need to go to the cancer treatment center. The services of Cancer treatment in Iran provide great help to cancer patients in order to diagnose the disease on time and follow up on the necessary measures for treatment. Each of the cancer treatment centers, according to the equipment they have, may be able to perform some or all of the cancer diagnosis and treatment methods.

After diagnosing cancer and determining its type, it is time to follow the ways of cancer treatment. Cancer requires specific treatments and it is very important to find a center of Cancer treatment in Iran that provides the treatment you need. How to find a cancer treatment center depends on us and the criteria that influence our choice.

How to find a cancer treatment center in Iran?

Some people first find an oncologist (cancer doctor). Then they decide where the doctor works. Some people first find a center that treats their type of cancer. Then, they find a doctor in that center to be treated under his supervision.The type of health insurance you have can also influence your decision. You may need to choose centers that cover your insurance.

If you have different options to choose, you can consult your doctor. Also, you can consult with other cancer patients and learn about their experiences with specific treatment centers.

What services do cancer treatment centers offer?

It all depends on the type of cancer. What treatment methods should be used for a cancer patient is required to diagnose the cancer and its type. Certainly, every treatment center offers some or all of the services related to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Before we go to the ways of Cancer treatment in Iran and the services that medical centers provide in this regard, we should know what the cancer diagnosis methods are and how they are done and what services medical centers provide to their patients in this regard.

Services provided by cancer treatment centers in line with cancer diagnosis

In laboratory tests, the patient’s blood or urine is tested in terms of blood sugar, enzymes, hormones, fats and proteins. Besides blood and urine tests, CBC test or blood cell count and tumor markers test are among the things that are tested.

In radiology or Medical imaging, medical images are taken of the body’s organs to detect tumors and other abnormalities.

In the endoscopy method, a small flexible tube is used, at the end of which there is a lamp and a small video camera. This tube is used to view parts such as esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon or other organs. Also, it can be used to take samples from the body for testing. There are several types of endoscopy that are used to diagnose cancer depending on which part of your body is affected.

In the counseling and social work department, patients and their families are consulted and discussed in order to strengthen their morale. Preparing patients psychologically to facilitate the treatment process, identifying patients who do not have insurance and guiding them to use insurance, holding training classes for patients’ families, coordination and necessary measures for the affairs of foreign patients and coordination with relevant organizations, etc. One of the other services of the consulting unit.

Services provided by cancer treatment centers in line with cancer treatment

Surgery in cancer treatment is one of the oldest methods that leads to the removal of cancerous tumors. However, cancer cells may have infiltrated the surrounding tissues and it is impossible to remove them through surgery. In radiation therapy or radiography, high-power rays such as X-rays are used to destroy cancer cells. This treatment aimed to damage to cancer cells and minimum damage to healthy tissues.

Chemotherapy is another service provided by cancer treatment centers in Iran. In the chemotherapy method, by using a drug or a combination of drugs, they disrupt the division and reproduction of cancer cells. Whereas surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy methods do not work, immunotherapy or immune system therapy can be effective. Hormone therapy is another cancer treatment method  that prevents the growth of cancer cells by destroying hormones in cancers such as breast cancer that are enhanced by your body’s hormones.

All these treatment methods that we have listed are services that are provided in most cancer treatment centers in Iran. It should be determined what kind of treatment you need according to the type of cancer you have. After that, you can research the Cancer treatment centers in Iran that offer the treatment you need.

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