sperm and egg donation in Iran

Rather than donate organs or blood, go ahead and give the gift of life—and a lifetime of joy—by becoming a sperm or egg donor.

When two people are not enough, you can throw in a third wheel to help get the process started, and if you think about it, there really is no better way to help a couple have a baby than by donating an egg or sperm.

Our fertility clinics provide easy egg and sperm donation in Iran. If you want to learn more, continue on to read our site and find out more about how egg and sperm donation works.

What is sperm and egg donation

Gamete and embryo donation is using eggs, sperm, or embryos from someone else in order to help an intended parent(s) have a child. Intended parent is the term used for the person(s) who will raise the child(ren).

Gamete or embryo donation makes it possible to have a child when one or both partners are not able to provide their own sperm, eggs, or embryos. Egg or sperm donation allows one of the intended parents to keep the genetic link to the child. With egg donation, the intended parent is able to experience a biological connection to the child through the pregnancy. With embryo donation, there is no genetic link. However, the intended parents are able to experience pregnancy and birth.

Some people use donated gametes or embryos because of medical issues, such as no or poor quality eggs or sperm. Some use donation so they do not risk passing down genetic disorders to their children

Why sperm and egg donation in Iran

Sure, we’ve all heard about medical tourism and the possibility of affordable and effective treatments overseas. But why Iran?

Located in the heart of Middle East, Iran has a unique and distinctly different culture from its neighbors. This country has proven its capability to be one of the top healthcare providers in the Middle East and internationally.

The expertise of Iranian doctors and surgeons, coupled with top-notch facilities, make it the ideal medical hub for tourists to get a highly affordable yet effective treatment.

Fertility clinics in Iran have developed a reputation for being highly specialized and producing the best results. Screening patients and continuously updating techniques are the reasons why Iran’s fertility clinics are truly elite.

Due to the high success rate of fertility treatment, many couples from all over the world especially Arabian countries and Turkey, or all the way from Indonesia choose Iran for fertility treatments.

How much does sperm and egg donation cost in Iran

The cost of sperm and egg donation procedures in Iran is much lower than in many other countries.

The cost of XTreatment in Iran, depends on clinic fees, medications, specialist fees, and other per-person factors.

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sperm and egg donation in Iran

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